Intellexa Alliance

February 16th 2019


Intellexa, The Intelligence Alliance, to Provide Unmatched End-To-End Intelligence Solutions for Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies

Paris France and Limassol Cyprus, February 16th 2019 – Nexa Technologies, the provider of COMINT, Big Data Analytics and Lawful Interception systems, WiSpear, the leading provider of WiFi intelligence solutions, and Cytrox, the cyber intelligence systems provider, announced today the establishment of Intellexa, The Intelligence Alliance. Intellexa will provide law enforcement and intelligence agencies with an end-to-end intelligence solution comprised of a premium field intelligence collection platform alongside a robust remote collection and analysis system.
The ever-growing diversity of communication methods and smart devices, coupled with the advancement in encryption and security measures poses a significant challenge for law enforcement and intelligence agencies. The collection of valuable intelligence and subsequently, the analysis of huge amounts of data has become vastly complex and requires more effort than ever before. As a result, a plethora of various intelligence systems are used to gain access to various sources of intelligence and then properly process and analyze it.
To help overcome this challenge the Intellexa intelligence alliance provides a comprehensive portfolioof premium, best of breed intelligence solutions, integratedto enable unique synergetic functionality.

  • Intellexa’s end-to-end field intelligenceportfolio significantly increases the chances to succeed in any field operation. It combines Nexa’s 2G and native 3G/4G interception solutions with WiSpear’s long range WiFi interception solutions and Cytrox’s unique device data extraction systems. In order to maximize operational flexibility and minimize the risk of exposure, Intellexa offers its field intelligence portfolio mounted on a variety of platforms – a premium covert mission vehicle, portable backpacks, and an airborne (drone / helicopter) installation.

  • The Alliance’s countrywide intelligence solutionsinclude remote collection, high capacity IP traffic monitoring and interception, as well as robust data fusion and predictive analytics.

“Partnering to create a wide, integrative offering is a key element in our effort to maximize the value we provide to our customers”, said Olivier Bohbot, CEO of Nexa Technologies. “The Intelligence Alliance will continue to enhance its offering by including additional partners with best-of-breed complementary products. For us, openness and collaboration are key”, he added.
“Our immediate goal is to become a one-stop-shop for all of our customers’ field intelligence collection needs”, said Tal Dilian, CEO of WiSpear. “Field intelligence teams must be prepared to overcome any challenge they face. They need to be able to access hard-to-reach areas and successfully intercept any device. To make sure they succeed in doing so, they need a versatile platform - portable, vehicle mounted or airborne - with a comprehensive set of capabilities to choose from, depending on the specific operational scenario they face. Intellexa was established to enable just that”.
The Intelligence Alliance worldwide presence includes offices in Paris France, Limassol Cyprus, Jakarta Indonesia and Dubai UAE, as well as R&D centers in Macedonia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Hungary.
Intellexa will unveil its comprehensive offering at the IDEX conference in Abu Dhabi, February 17-21 and at ISS Middle East in Dubai, March 11-13.
About Nexa Technologies
Nexa Technologies is a key technology provider of Intelligence systems for the Defense and Cyber field. Our core expertise is sensor conception and design to intercept all types of communication alongside big data analytics and unified intelligence centers geared towards merging various sources into one coherent system. Our objective is to assist intelligence agencies and police forces worldwide with their day-to-day investigations. Nexa is headquartered in Paris, France.
About WiSpear
WiSpear provides end-to-end intelligence solutions for law enforcement and intelligence agencies. WiSpear’s products are based on deep and extensive knowledge of WiFi and RF technologies, years of security and intelligence experience and a long track record in developing best in class WiFi sensors and surveillance systems. WiSpear is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus.
About Cytrox
Cytrox provides government agencies with an operational cyber solution for the design, management, and implementation of cyber intelligence operations as well as innovative engines for gathering intelligence from end-point devices and cloud services.